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Multi-Carrier Shipping Software

ProShip is a fully integrated, automated shipping and manifesting solution with the most certified carrier compliant services on the market. View ProShip's features

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Ship your packages on any carrier, anywhere in the world. ProShip is a fully integratable, carrier-certified solution that can prepare your packages for global shipping with parcel carriers, trucks, rail or freight forwarders. Readily configured, ProShip’s multi-carrier shipping software has the capability to extend the rate shopping and accountability benefits of sophisticated multi-carrier shipping to your entire company, including advanced desktop shipping for office and warehouse employees. When carriers introduce FedEx, UPS, DHL, USPS, Regional and International carriers new requirements, ProShip global shipping software integrates them first so your packages never miss a shipment.
Exceptional customer support sets ProShip apart. Your installation will be managed by a team of software engineers dedicated to your business. Once you begin utilizing ProShip, the ProShip Customer Advocate will help you gain every advantage from your parcel shipping software throughout the lifecycle of your business. The comprehensive ProCyclopedia is always online to answer questions and guide you through configuration settings. Furthermore, our electronic monitoring takes customer support to a new level—from reactive to proactive. It recognizes any issues and takes action before problems develop—all to keep your packages on the move.
ProShip was built for speed in warehouse shipping. It can handle up to one million packages per hour on a single server to help you keep pace with ever-higher shipping volumes and a global customer base. It supports the most complex shipping methods, procedures and business rules. ProShip multi carrier shipping software maintains all of the data associated with shipment history, interfaces to major carriers like FedEx, UPS, DHL, and USPS for live package status and delivery updates, and can be configured to let your customers view their own orders and shipment information. And unlike many shipping systems, ProShip grows along with you. No matter how much your volumes increase, ProShip will be the only shipping solutions software you’ll ever need.
ProShip is a scalable enterprise software for shipping, not a basic “PC-style” system. Its modular architecture means you can install, pay for, and maintain only those parts of the solution you actually need, which saves both time and money. Multiple computer workstations access ProShip’s shipping functionality and management data from a central server, with a modular approach for choice in components. This allows for scalability from a single workstation to an enterprise-wide solution. ProShip multi carrier shipping software is an entire suite of shipping automation products for now and the future. No matter how your business evolves, ProShip will be the right size to meet your parcel shipping needs.
Multi-carrier compliant
Dedicated support
A scalable suite
ProShip meets every carrier requirement and keeps you updated as requirements and regulations change.
Your installation is backed by a dedicated account manager and software engineers dedicated to logistics and IT solutions.
ProShip is designed to deliver exceptional processing speeds while applying the most complex business policies.
From a single workstation to an enterprise-wide solution, the ProShip Suite can grow to meet all your needs.
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